Commercial EV Charger Installation

Own a business and want to install EV Chargers but are put off by upfront costs?

We offer commercial scale EV charger installations with various payment options, charger sizing and payback schemes.

EV charging at work

Our Installation Process


After an initial enquiry, we would visit site to review suitability and to discuss options.


A quotation is then prepared with any other paperwork required and subject to the go ahead, we arrange a date to begin the install.


Commercial schemes vary greatly in size and complexity, so installation can take anything from a few days to a few weeks.


Once completed, all testing is carried out and the certifications emailed. Invoicing for the schemes also vary depending on the payment method chosen. We offer a few options, so check these out below.

Flexible Payment Options

We can install most commercial chargers, but tend to provide the most cost effective options with less initial outlay. We offer payment schemes to help spread the costs as follows…

Pay for the charger installation in full upfront.

We install the charger and any revenue that is generated from the charger can be paid straight to the client.

Pay a deposit for the charger installation with the remainder of the fee payable through the revenue generated from the charger.

We install the charger and set up the payment system, once the revenue generated by the charger has paid the final bill amount, this reverts to the client and future revenue is paid directly to them.

Pay nothing for the charger.

We install the charger(s) as required for no fee, the payment system is set up, so the electricity used at cost is paid by us, with any surplus revenue being paid to PulseEVC. There’s no cost to your company, but the benefit of having EV charge points can result in more visitors.

Contact us for a free no obligation quote, or a chat about options.

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