Residential EV Charger Installation

Bought an electric car but haven’t been given advice on chargers?

Many electric car owners buy an electric car and are either bundled an EV charger with the package or aren’t given any advice on what charger to have installed.

We offer installation of numerous EV chargers and only install smart chargers that are future proofed to be compatible with sustainable technology.

We provide free quotations and advice on all things Electric Vehicle based. All our staff run electric vehicles as there day to day transport, so we know a thing or two about owning them.

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Our Installation Process


You contact us for advice and a free quotation for the installation of a charger of your choice, we either visit your property, or carry out a video call survey to ascertain the details of the install and any hurdles to overcome.


Once you have the quotation and are happy to go ahead, we secure the charger from our stock and book you in for an installation.


Once the installation is complete (this generally takes a day, as we like to take our time to install things exactly how you want them) we show you how the unit works, get it all set up and complete the testing. You then receive the test certificates via email.


We only ask for payment once the installation is complete, so you can be sure you are happy with the install, before you part with your cash. We are always available for aftercare support should you need it.

EV Chargers from leading manufacturers

We offer a wide range of chargers from the leading manufacturers including Zappi, HyperVolt, Anderson, EO to name but a few.

We are happy to talk through the available options to help you make the right choice for your situation.

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Contact us for a free no obligation quote, or a chat about options.

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