Solar Panel Installation

Concerned with the rising energy costs?

We specialise in Solar Panel and Battery Storage systems and offer very competitive rates. It’s cheaper than you think.

Our passion for sustainable technology led us into offering Solar Panel systems, first and foremost as a zero carbon energy producer, but also to have less reliance on the big energy providers.

We offer very competitive rates on our products as we aren’t just in it for the money, we want to help move the UK towards lowering carbon emissions and have people be more energy independent. There is something very pleasing about producing your own electricity and taking control of your energy use.

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Our Installation Process


Following initial contact and discussions, we would visit your property to survey you roof space and discuss your options for system sizing, your usage, future plans and whether storage would also be an option.


We then provide an itemised quotation which details all the elements chosen for your scheme, including the most important system sizing. If you are happy with the quotation and decide to go ahead with the installation, we ask for a deposit to secure the product stock and then book an installation date.


We generally ask that the scaffolding (if required) is arranged by the client, as the costs for this fluctuate greatly and using a local firm is always cheaper. We then complete the installation (generally within two days) set the systems up and complete all testing.


We give you an overview of the system and how it all works, and that’s it. You will then be provided with the final invoice for payment. Once payment is made, a handover pack is prepared with details of the system and its operation. All warranty and product information is included within the pack along with our contact details should you ever need further support.

Quality Guaranteed

We install various types of panels based on the size and type of scheme, but only use the mid to higher tier manufacturers that are well established and offer good efficiency and long product warranties. We can, however, procure any panel type required, if this is specified by the client.

A typical 8 Panel 3.2kWp system can cost as little as £6000 fully installed.

All our panels carry 20-25 year warranties with 25 year energy production guarantees.

Our battery storage has 100% depth of discharge, so you get the storage advertised, not 80% of the capacity like some.

solar electrical installation internal

Solar Panel Installations for Residential and Commercial Buildings on Any Roof Type

We carry out both residential and commercial installations, on both pitched and flat roofs. Our flat roofing systems are in house designed to minimise additional weight on older flat roof buildings, so if you’ve had a survey done in the past which says you can’t have panels on your flat roof due to loading, contact us, as we can probably help.

Contact us for a free no obligation quote, or a chat about options.

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